I am an artist, illustrator, graphic designer and educator. I create surface patterns, products, textiles, and other lovely works of art. 

My aim is to celebrate the home and the nature surrounding our lives through all of the artwork that I create. Every day, I collect little joys like laughter, the feeling of the light coming through the window, or a walk near the water on a hot, summer day. It is my hope that my artwork can be a representation of the things that we love and cherish.


I'm Lissie. 

Her favorite artist is Mary Cassatt.

Lissie is a lifelong artist and avid learner. From the beginning, she has pursued every form of art she could find - from pencil drawings to painting, printmaking, pottery, fiber arts, and graphic design.

A native Oklahoman, she moved to California at an early age. She then continued to travel across the United States with her family, living in six different states from the west coast to the glorious Southern states. Of notable influence is New Mexico - a place she can still call home. It was a place she day-camped in countless arroyos and under mountain-scapes, watching the morning clouds roll over the mountaintops, the sunset illuminating a red-orange over all it touched. She moved back to Oklahoma in 2006, where she went on to graduate university and put down roots with her own family. 

Lissie's cumulative artistic endeavors and life experience led her in 2019 to a career in Illustration and Surface Pattern Design. Her first collaboration with Cotton + Steel released in September of 2022.

Lissie is incredibly passionate about teaching. She is a University adjunct professor of Art + Design, and teaches online courses both on Skillshare and on her own platform.  

About the artist

I COLLECT STONES everywhere i go
i'm most creative on rainy days
but sunshine is my favorite thing 
low key herbologist
secretly great at card games
john 14:27